Energy related Products Directive (ErP)

Energy-related Products directive (ErP)

From 26th September 2015 there will be changes in the legislation of heating products in the UK. All new boilers, water heaters and heat pumps will need to display a label to show their energy efficiency and performance. This is the new Energy Related Products Directive (ErP). This is because energy inefficient products across a range of product groups, from simple set-top boxes, air conditioners to boilers can, over time have a significant environmental impact and can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, even when in switched off modes.

There is a range of different energy efficiency classes (A++ to G) that rates individual products for their environmental performance. Only the best performing products from an energy efficiency and environmental protection standpoint will gain the highest grade. As is the case with all European Union directives the UK are already fairly well advanced on what is required. We have already implemented condensing or high efficiency boilers in most of the UK whereas most of Europe is still using standard efficiency or Band D which is only really about 80% efficient. In most of the UK except for Scotland it is law to fit a Band A boiler which provide good energy savings and ultimately money on gas bills.

Band A boilers are over 90% efficient and as we have a high percentage (over 80%) of combination boilers in the UK, the European Commission have now looked at the energy consumption and have legislated against inefficient pumps and electrical components within boilers. The European Parliament has started implementing measures to deal with this to ensure ecodesign requirements are met at the design stage.

Pumps in the UK were already legislated at the end of 2014 and the new Band A pumps are now widely sold in the market. These can save up to £30 a year and if you have not already replaced your pump for a Band A one then it is a great way to make your household a bit more green. You can view our selection on pumps here.

The impact of the ERP directive that impacts all member states, that has now come to boilers and heating products will not take place until late September, but for the past few years most electrical appliances have already had energy rating labels. We are used to buying a A+ washing machines or fridges, but these are usually more expensive. All Sedbuk Band A boilers will immediately become an A+ or A so they are already deemed to be electrically efficient so there is no real change in the performance. Boiler manufacturers have already had to comply with the change in the ErP with regards to pumps and now have to have A-rated pumps inside their combination and system boilers. The heat only or conventional boilers do not have a pump so there is less changes but they still need to be tested and conform to the new EU energy legislation.

The new energy labeling affects manufacturers, retailers, homeowners and plumbers differently.

  • Boiler and cylinder manufacturers will now need an energy rating for each product and will need to attach a sticker with the relevant rating. This will guide the plumber and homeowner as to the performance of the product.
    For the Mr Central Heating it will be a question of promoting the energy rating, displaying it properly and actually educating the installer.
  • For the homeowner it is not just about choosing the right boiler as actually all boilers will be A-rated in the UK market except for poor performing oil boilers. It is also about all the other bits that go with a boiler that if you spend a little bit more on accessories, like controls, thermostatic rad valves, filters, pumps, system chemicals and radiators you can achieve a much better energy rated system and ultimately a more efficient cost reducing one.
  • For the installer it gets a bit more complicated as they will need to educate the homeowner and calculate the energy rating according to the heating installed. An energy label for the whole system then needs to be provided by the plumber.

It is all great to save money on heating bills, save gas and reduce the environmental impact of energy use, but make sure you get the best deal and it is not always the most expensive boiler that is the best. Mr Central Heating stocks all the leading brands of boilers and accessories at great prices and can advise you on how to make the most of a new installation and what accessories really work. If you need help choosing the right boiler then contact our experts at your local branch.

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