New Pre Plumbed Cylinders - Everflo System Fit

  • Pre Plumbed Cylinders  - Saving half a day installation time
  • Saves money on the individual parts required to fit a regular unvented cylinder, which add up to over £250
  • At only £100 more than a regular unvented cylinder, the Everflo System Fit could save up to £500 off parts and installation time required.
  • 25 year warranty

It is finally here! Mr Central Heating are proud to announce the launch of our new pre-plumbed unvented cylinder – The Everflo System Fit. We have been working on this new unvented cylinder for several months and the whole purpose is to give our plumbers what they have been asking for.

The new Everflo System Fit is a stainless steel unvented cylinder that has a 25yr warranty fully supported with technical and service by the manufacturer Everflo. The cylinder comes pre-plumbed with all the parts that would usually take over half a day to install meaning all you need to do is connect the supply up from the boiler and then you are good to go! The cost of the Everflo System Fit is only £100 more expensive than our regular unvented cylinder, but the cost savings for installation and parts add up to around £500 meaning you are saving £400.

As with any unvented cylinder, it stores all the hot water at mains pressure delivering great hot water flow rates for baths and showers, but it also recovers quicker, fills quicker and stays hotter for longer.

The price is a saving to both the homeowner and installer as it is all factory fitted and ready to pipe up straight away. It is ideally suited to a system where the pump and pressure vessel are built into the boiler, but it can also be used with a Heat only or conventional boiler by just adding a pump into the system and an expansion vessel or feed and expansion tank.

Installing the Everflo System Fit will also eliminate the need for a cold water storage tank as they work off mains pressure, so there is no expensive shower pump or dangerous water in the loft.

If you are looking to upgrade your system this summer and need an unvented cylinder – Look no further than the Everflo System Fit to save time and money. We have the 170, 210, 250 and 300 litre models available for fast delivery.

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