Extractor fans for the bathroom and kitchen – just a lot of hot air?

How important are extractor fans to a modern home? Well, you might be surprised that they're more important than ever. In previous years, homes were poorly insulated and drafty, resulting in less damp induced mould due to the circulation of air. Now, modern homes are built to contain the heat and therefore, unfortunately, anything nasty gets locked in too. However, even basic pull cord extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom such as a shower fan can help. They may not be as advanced as full ducting systems in offices or event spaces where those versions are known as Axial Fans & Centrifugal Fans (often also called Blowers) but they do a good job.

In the modern home, Extractor fans are your best option, in that they take away the steam and nasty smells of your home and circulate some fresh air. This prevents condensation on windows and walls and really helps in reducing the growth of mould and other nasty bacteria which can be difficult to get rid of in the long run. For those that have issues with humidity, fans can make the room dryer, lowering the measurements on humidistats for instance and feeling more comfortable on hot summer days.

Smart Extractor Fan from Greenwood

Here at Mr Central Heating, our favourite bathroom fan and kitchen fan is the Greenwood Airvac Any Room Smart Extractor Fan. This Airvac continuous running extractor fan with smart humidistat timer from Greenwood can be used in any room but is perfect for "wet rooms" like bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens where condensation is a problem.  Low voltage and energy-efficient due to the extractor fan with timer feature, you can set it to run when using the room, by setting it to react with power cables and light switches for instance.

By maintaining good indoor air within the room, not only is it less humid and more comfortable but also helps prevent bathroom radiators, towel radiators and bathroom accessories like toothbrush holders, soap dishes, shower trays and other metal or even stainless steel objects from rusting. The humidity can also affect ceiling light bulbs and light fixtures to some extent also.

Like a humidstat or dehumidifier, the extractor fan kit for the bathroom monitors the ambient humidity within the room environment and looks for short peaks in humidity. This smart technology ensures that the Airvac is not on boost for prolonged periods of time and therefore saving on any unnecessary energy wastage.

Many people don’t think about the damage that poor ventilation can do to your home. Mould is an issue that can continue to build up in places such as showerheads, bathroom tiling, bathroom sealant or grout areas, including edges of shower enclosures. It can also build up in out of sight places too, and can, if left alone, make us sick. But condensation can ruin a whole host of appliances too. By maintaining good indoor air within the room helps prevent radiators, towel warmers, toothbrush holders, soap dishes and other metal objects from rusting.

Whether a small shower room or a full-scale bathroom suite, an eat-in kitchen or a full pantry, creating a good flow of air in your home can make so many appliances last longer and work more efficiently. Although extractor fans can seem unimportant, they can make a lot of difference to your home and ultimately, your pocket.

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