The Greenstar Lifestyle range from Worcester Bosch

The Worcester Bosch boiler brand has unveiled it’s first new range in 5 years, attempting to go for a more design conscious customer. The Lifestyle range presents us with the Worcester Greenstar Life based on the Greenstar CDi Classic, and the Style for a more contemporary customer, which comes and white or black to compliment your kitchen. But is it a gimmick?


The Worcester Bosch Greenstar Life is the Greenstar CDi Classic, but it has been upgraded for a more modern feel. It’s part of their most powerful wall hung combi boiler range, with power outlets of up to 50kW. The buttons are a lighter touch for easier use and are compatible with the Bosch EasyControl, allowing you to choose the temperature from wherever you are. Worcester say the CDi has been re-engineered and upgraded to ensure that it’s the most efficient boiler yet. It also comes with a 10 year warranty so it gives you some piece of mind too.


Since invention, central heating boilers have been hidden away as people deemed them bulky and ugly. Worcester have tried to turn this on it’s head with the Style new boiler range. Made from high shine strengthened Perspex and available in black or white, they’re sure that you’ll want to show this piece of kit off to all your friends as it’s takes pride of place in your kitchen.  This boiler type has a unique Intelligent Filling System which constantly monitors the system’s pressure and, if ever this drops, it will automatically re-fill it, saving you the effort of topping it up yourself. Like the ‘Life’ range, it has a power outlet of up to 50kW and can heat very large homes with more than two bathrooms. Great for those who need a lot of hot water. However, other than the shiny surface, it’s a very similar model to other new boilers. It is energy efficient with a high efficiency rating, comes with a 10 year guarantee, prides itself on being extremely quiet and connects to Bosch EasyControl, which allows you to use your phone to adjust the heat.

So is this style over substance? Perhaps. The Worcester boiler design is sleek and modern and would look great in modern kitchens, but are people bothered enough about their boiler to pay extra to put it on display? The spec does sound solid however, and a 10 year warranty for peace of mind, should never be sniffed at. So if you’ve got some extra cash for a central heating system and you like shiny objects, a new Worcester Bosch boiler might be for you.

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