In 2 Out flue Sealing System

In-2-Out is a unique flue sealing accessory that allows safe and effective sealing of the flue from the INSIDE of the building! This means that scaffolding, ladders or access platforms ARE NOT REQUIRED! See the Installation video HERE

Working safely from inside the building the only special tool you will need is a Ø142mm core drill, which will pay for itself after the first couple of jobs!

In-2-Out can be used with most 100mmØ Wall terminals for condensing boilers. In-2-Out will have no influence on the performance of the flue, but will greatly enhance the air-tightness and weather sealing of the installation.

Protection against the elements with three lines of protection.
Protects against call backs... gets it right first time!
Protects against spiraling access costs.
Protects your operatives as it’s installed from the inside of the building.

• No need for ladders or scaffolding.
• Low installation costs.
• Can be fitted whatever the weather.
• Fitted right first time.
• Out with additional costs.
• Out with delays.

- See more at: In 2 Out

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