Introducing the Ideal Atlantic Combi Boilers Range

If you're looking for a new combi boiler for your central heating system, then in October there's a brand new model available from Ideal Boilers. We're pleased to announce that Mr Central Heating will be stocking the brand new Ideal Atlantic Combi boiler range.

This fabulous new boiler range has three different boilers to choose from, the C24, C30 and C35 which as the model names suggest, have a heating output power of 24 KW, 30 KW and 35 KW, making these combi boilers a perfect choice for a range of domestic heating applications where performance and energy saving is important. We also supply the Atlantic C35 boiler in an easy pick pack. These boilers are designed to compliment the existing range of Ideal Boilers, that include the Ideal Vogue Max combi and Ideal Logic combi boilers.

When you buy an Ideal Atlantic boiler you get a 5 year warranty which is fully supported by the Ideal hardware division. Not only that- but the Ideal Atlantic is manufactured in the UK so you know that it is high quality. The range of Atlantic boilers use tried and tested technology. This includes a boiler pump made by the leading manufacturer Grundfos for peace of mind.

Not only does the Ideal Atlantic provide heat for your home, but it will take care of all your hot water needs too. The Ideal Atlantic provides this through a fast hot water response through a DHW preheat. Hot water temperature controls are also included on the boiler for ease of use.

Some of the key features of the new Ideal Atlantic boiler include:

  • A low lift weight.
  • A compact design, which can fit in a kitchen cupboard.
  • Quick and easy boiler installation with fast fix flue turret connections.
  • A mechanical timer with digital operating and diagnostic display.
  • Easy to read pressure gauge.
  • Easy to use heating controls.
  • Boiler frost protection included.

The Ideal Atlantic range is perfect for replacement installations. The combi boiler is also A rated for energy efficiency on central heating and hot water. This means that not only is the boiler good for the environment, but also can help save money on your home heating bills.

When you choose Ideal boilers you know this is a boiler manufacturer that you can depend on. Ideal boilers offer a range of boiler types, including combi, regular and system boilers. Ideal boiler's range mean that no matter what your home configuration is, there is a boiler to suit your needs. When installing you should always use a gas safe registered installer to ensure that the boiler is fitted correctly so it will provide the maximum life and high efficiency.

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