Is your boiler contributing to our carbon crisis?

Although the number of gas boilers sold last year is bigger than it ever has been, growing nearly 2% there are still a huge number of old, inefficient boilers damaging the environment and holding back on environmental goals set by the government. Over 1.6 million gas boilers were sold in 2019, with the amount of homes using central heating increasing by 5 million to 22 million over the past 20 years.

With over 85% of homes using central heating it is no surprise that this can have a huge impact on the environment and the U.K’s gas emissions. The government have set out a 20-20-20 package for the following year that will see greenhouse gas emissions cut by 20%, the increase of renewables used by 20% and a 20% improvement in energy efficiency. In order to hit the target and reduce carbon emissions the public is being encouraged to replace older boilers (of which there is thought to be around 4 million) which can be over 30% inefficient, not only damaging the environment but also wasting money for the consumer.

Currently, Mr Central Heating has a great solution for these old inefficient boilers with our Baxi and Google Nest Thermostat E partnership. Baxi is a very trusted and reliable boiler platform with strong customer warranties of 7 to 10 years and a fantastic reputation. By also fitting a Nest Thermostat E with your replacement Baxi boiler, it is estimated that you could save 6-7% of the gas consumption of alternative boilers which equates to as much as £75 and 330kg of carbon dioxide every year. And that’s on top of the savings that a newer, more efficient boiler would provide you alone.

Although your older boiler might still be chugging along after a prolonged period, it might be time to consider upgrading your central heating system to a more sustainable and energy efficient system. You shouldn’t wait for it to die to start looking at upgrading, be part of the 20-20-20 pact and replace your boiler now with a new boiler to start contributing to a reduced carbon U.K. One of the benefits to upgrading to a new boiler is a reduction in your running costs and heating bills. Energy prices are expensive so any energy saving you can carry out will have a knock on effect on your energy bills. If you want to go further to reduce your carbon footprint you can even upgrade your energy tariff to one that aims to avoid fossil fuels and is dedicated to renewable energy when possible.

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