Mobile Apps for Plumbers

Over the past few years there is no denying that mobile has become a part of your everyday life. There are mobile apps for just about everything and that is no exception for plumbers and homeowners who are purchasing new boilers. At Mr Central Heating we take mobile very seriously and in January we launched our new website that allows you to access our products while you are out on the move. So if you are a plumber it is possible to build your shopping basket during the day and then place a single order at the end of the day for collection in any of our nationwide branches or delivery on our own vans.

We have compiled a list of our favourite mobile apps for plumbers that alongside our website will make your life easier:

The Vaillant masterTEC app

The Vaillant masterTEC app


Do you install vaillant boilers? If the answer is yes then this is the app for you. From the app it is possible to access the following features:

  • Instant Vaillant product guarantee and Advance loyalty credit registrations.
  • Technical library with the latest manuals and installation guides.
  • Spare parts technical information and guidance.
  • Spare parts stockist locator.
  • Savings calculator to provide your customers with a bespoke calculation of the monetary and environmental savings that can be made when installing a Vaillant boiler.

Available on iOS

Worcester Bosch Mobile App

This iPhone app makes it easy for homeowners to find the right boiler and the right plumber. For a while now the Worcester 'Find a Boiler' tool has been great at helping people choose the right boiler for their home and now you can do that while on the move. You even don't need signal as the tool is available offline.

Available on iOS

Worcester Guarantee App


guarantee mobile app

The guarantee registration app is suitable for both plumbers and homeowners. Rather than having to fill in paperwork, the app will allow the installer or homeowner to simply scan the boiler bar code, so all you need to do is enter the installer and property details and your boiler warranty will be complete. This is suitable for all Greenstar boilers and accessories.

Available on iOS and Android

Worcester Greenstar i App

grenstar 1 app


Recently updated with new features, a new look and a new game. This app is free to installers and allows them to familiarise themselves with the new Greenstar i boiler. This will help installer familiarise themselves with the new boiler making the transition easier.

Features include:

  • Control Simulator - Practise advanced skills such as setting the service alerts, range rating and central heating flow.
  • Guided Animation - Details both basic and advanced functionality of the new Greenstar i boilers. This will make it easier for installers to understand what features are still in place and what features are new.
  • Technical Data - Detail what each graphic symbol means and what text displays will appear on the control panel.

Available on iOS and Android

Currently on desktop site. Click here to view mobile site.