Price changes at Mr Central Heating

We hate price increases more than our customers. Unfortunately they occur every year by boiler manufacturers as inflation on materials and energy. Often we try and stave off price increases to our customers and put a new package together to make buying central heating more affordable. Mr Central Heating still sets the benchmark in prices and package deals but it is sometimes necessary as we cannot always swallow a price increase.

There are a lot of price changes going on at the moment because of the forced new regulations on all boilers meeting the ErP requirements. We have a whole blog on this if you want to find out what it is. This has caused in combination and system boilers a new A rated energy rated pump to be fitted inside every boiler. Great news because it saves you money every year on electricity but the impact is that the boiler costs more money. There have been other tweaks on all boilers to make them more electrically efficient and again this has impacted on cost.

The impact on the end price is fairly minimal if you think that you are buying an appliance that you use every day and rely on for hot water and in most cases it is under £1000 for something that will last you over 10 years it is still pretty good going.

Please check our website frequently for the most up to date prices and we are always looking at getting you the best deal so please ask in store for the last deal or package as they know what is going on.

Thanks for being a loyal follower and customer and we look forwards to providing you with the best Plumbing and Heating website on the net.


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