The Baxi Duo-tec is the new Eco-blue

Have you noticed that your boiler might need replacing? If you’ve noticed your Baxi Ecoblue boiler is starting to falter, we’ve got a great suggestion for a new boiler upgrade. What about the Baxi Duo-tec?

The Baxi Eco-blue is a great boiler. This boiler type is small enough to fit into a standard 300mm deep cupboard, making it particularly suitable for homes where space is at a premium. It is a powerful boiler, delivering excellent hot water flow rates for your customers’ comfort and convenience. This means that these boilers are great for water heating and general domestic hot water requirements. In addition to this, these boilers are available with a 7 year extended warranty. These features are popular with Baxi as they are universally wanted by heating engineers and homeowners alike.

A great alternative to the Eco-blue is the Baxi Duo-tec combi and it would be perfect as a replacement or upgrade to an older model. The Duo-tec combination boilers are reliable and easy to install and has great energy efficiency in both heating and hot water. A good efficiency rating is important as it can save you money on your bills in the long-term. Replacing a Baxi with the same brand should make it very easy for an installer, and will provide you with user-friendly controls that are similar to the ones you’re used to – hopefully creating a smooth transition. The Duo-tec comes in a wide range of outputs (from 24kW – 40kW) to ensure you get the right fit for your home, saving you energy and money. The range has a great 7-year warranty once registered, which can give you peace of mind against any surprise repairs. The Duo-tec is a robust boiler with large waterways that can tolerate poor, older systems perfect for perhaps an older central heating system in an older property that may not have been maintained as well, great for if a house is being renovated.

So, if it is time to replace your old Baxi Eco-blue boiler, take a look here at our Baxi Duo-tec boilers and for more information.

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