The best boilers for flats

Looking for the best boilers for flats?

If you live in or are a landlord of flats and have a gas boiler then you an ideal candidate for a combination boiler. In the creation of this type of boiler they where ideally suited,  as often in flats and apartments there is a lack of space for stored hot water.

A combination boiler is now a small appliance and provides instant hot water and also heats the radiator circuit. There is no requirement for a hot water tank and can be located in various locations due to the advent of the powered flue systems.

In some cases in the UK, homeowners are on their second or third combination boiler and now the market is well over 80% of all boilers sold. So what are the best boilers for flats well please see a list below

Ideal Logic 24 Combi

Ideal Logic 24Kw Combi

A small boiler at 700mm high and starting from £625 inc VAT it is reliable and has controls for the heating and hot water. There is also a space for a built in mechanical clock which is easy and simple to use. The Ideal Logic boiler range comes with a 2 year warranty from the manufacturere covering parts and labour.

Vokera Easi-Heat Plus 25C

Vokera Easi-Heat 25KW Vokera Easi-Heat 25KW

Ideal for 1 or 2 bedroom flats and under £500 this is a perfect unit for rentals and homeowners on a budget, looking for reliability and with a huge 5 year warranty you cannot go wrong with this one. This boiler has a proven track record as a landlords favorite, with a great aftercare response from the manufacturer.

Potterton Titanium 24kW

Potterton boiler for Flat Potterton Titanium 24Kw with 7 Year Warranty.

This boiler is a great workhorse that never goes wrong and is easy to install. It is a little bit bigger than the others but if it is replacement boiler you are looking for then there was a lot of Potterton and Baxi boilers fitted and this platform has not changed for well over 10 years so it makes fitting a replacement quick and easy.


Rinnai, Infinity 11i Water heater

Another boiler which may not be considered as it is not a combination boiler but it is ideal for flats that just require hot water and may have electric storage rads is the Rinnai 11i Infinity. This is a continuous flow gas water heater and made by the largest manufacturer of gas appliances in the world. It is a very small and compact unit and priced under £400.


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