Our favourite two replacement boilers

There has never been a better time to replace an old boiler and Mr Central Heating is here to help. As a decision you should only need to make every 10 years, we understand the importance of making the right choice when selecting a boiler manufacturer and model.

The statistics say that there are about 12 million inefficient boilers in the UK and they use more gas and create more carbon monoxide. If you have an old boiler it could be around 60% efficient and so getting a replacement boiler this year is a no brainer and will save you money in the longer term.

All of our boilers come with a peace of mind warranty, but below you will find our two hottest replacement boilers in 2019.

Baxi Duo-Tec Combination boiler

One of our best buys is this cracking combi boiler which comes with a 7 year warranty and is suitable for medium to large sized houses. It comes in a range of different size to suit your needs. From 68,00 to 109,000 BTU to hot water) and delivers 9.8 litres to over 16 litres per minute. If you have a combination boiler or an old conventional system with water tanks and want to make space for a loft conversion then this is the boiler for you. It’s also a steal with prices starting at £739 for the smaller models with a flue kit included.

Baxi Duo-Tec Combination boiler

Potterton Gold 33 combination boiler

Our second boiler of choice is the Baxi Platinum range of combination boiler. This boiler comes from a range that has been at the heart of the Mr Central Heating business for a number of years now and we sell this with complete confidence.

It has a ten year warranty offers great performance. Prices start at £851.00 for the boiler only, but we also stock kits that include the flue, clock, filler loop and VAT. So if you want a boiler that is fully backed up by Baxi and is a hard-working, robust boiler then the Baxi Platinum Combi range is one of our picks as the boiler for the best replacement in 2019. For the smaller models the BTU output starts at 68,000 BTU with a 9.8L hot water flow rate. The bigger models have an output of 109,000 BTU and a domestic hot water flow rate of 16.4L

At Mr Central Heating, we take all our products very seriously and make sure that all deliveries are completed in a professional manner. They are not just brown boxes to us and we take care of your packages because we know what is inside them and know they can break. This is why we do not use couriers and third party delivery agents, but deliver on our own vans and this is why we get such great reviews and service thousands of customers every week. This also helps us provide you with the best boiler prices.

When it comes to picking the best boiler, there isn't necessarily one boiler that is perfect in every individual situation. Typically if you're picking a new boiler then we tend to opt for a combi-boiler because this type of boiler offers great performance and are very energy efficient. These efficient boilers are great for keeping energy bills down.

Depending on your existing central heating system, the size of your home and your needs will dictate a boiler that may be right for you. For instance a larger home will need a different boiler to a small home or flat. When it comes to boiler brands we stock all the leading manufacturers and different types of boiler models so you will have a wide choice. We also stock a range of heating controls, thermostats, along with hot water cylinders and water storage tanks if you have an older boiler type such as a system boiler.

It is also important to get a qualified installer to fit your gas boiler. Cutting on the boiler installation costs can be a mistake as you'll add to your overall boiler cost if it fails and you have to fix it.

We have nationwide coverage and if you need any assistance choosing a replacement boiler then call your local branch and speak to one of our experts.

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