About Worcester Bosch Boilers

Worcester Bosch makes highly efficient regular, combination and system boilers that are wall-hung, floor standing or externally sited. An innovator and market leader since 1962, all their products are built to exacting standards and fully tested before leaving the factory. Since 2005 Worcester Bosch has produced heating solutions from renewable technologies such as solar, ground source and air source heat pumps. For price, quality and reliability Worcester gas boilers were awarded the Best Buy distinction from Which? magazine three years running.

The economical Worcester Greenstar 12Ri Boiler is their smallest condensing boiler and will fit easily into a standard kitchen cabinet. Attached to a hot water cylinder, it’s the ideal heat and hot water solution for flats or small houses with one bathroom. Another choice is the 18i System Boiler, compatible with many digital control devices and perfect for small to medium-sized homes with a hot water cylinder. Worcester Greenstar’s 24i Junior Condensing Combi Boiler is an entry-level option for flats and small to medium sized houses with one bathroom. It’s environmentally friendly and well priced. Worcester’s 29CDI and 30CDi Classic models are top performing boilers suited to bigger properties with large heating and hot water needs. Both are highly energy efficient and are available as great deals on Mr Central Heating.

The Worcester Greenstar Floor Standing 30CDi Regular Boiler is an excellent choice to replace a floor-standing boiler or if a wall-mounted boiler isn’t an option. This roll-in model is less likely to damage your floors. The 40CDi Classic Regular Boiler, priced under one thousand five hundred thirty, is a top-performing option for properties with many radiators. These Worcester models and more are available now at Mr Central Heating.

Worcester Bosch Exclusive Sale

An economical choice in this Exclusive Sale is the Worcester 24i Junior Combi Boiler Pack. It’s an easy way to build an excellent heating system. All Exclusive Sale packages include the Worcester Greenstar condensing combi boiler, standard horizontal flue, 5 radiators, 5 pairs of valves and Evolve limebuster. Among the other Worcester Combi Boiler Packs part of this sale are models 25si, 30si, 38CDI, and 42CDI. Prices start at one thousand one hundred fifty pounds including VAT. Choose your radiators from a list provided and you’ll receive a discount for any number of the 5 radiators that you don’t need. All models are in stock now at Mr Central Heating where you can get the latest deals on Worcester Bosch on sale.

The full range of Worcester Bosch domestic heating and hot water products is available from stock at Mr Central Heating. Find Worcester Bosch Boilers at - http://www.mrcentralheating.co.uk/boilers/boilers-by-brand/worcester-bosch
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