Worcester v’s Ideal Boilers

Is Worcester really the current reigning champion

There is a perception in the world of boilers that Worcester Bosch is the market leader and the best boiler in the world. Just as in all markets there are generally four main players and actually there is often one dominant brand but this can change either frequently or over a period of years.

Being the biggest known name doesn't mean trophies! Being the biggest known name doesn't mean trophies!

It is a bit like the Premiership in football, if you buy the best players and spend the most money does this make you the best team. Some would argue yes but it is not always the case and just like Manchester City you are not guaranteed trophies.

Worcester Bosch is good and has created a great PR campaign but is it actually grinding out the great results? The new boiler sales in the UK market would suggest not, as now Ideal boilers is the one of the boiler manufacturers that is pushing for the top spot. It is the brand that is grinding out the results based on performance, reliability, service and price.

Do not take our word for it look at the probably the best boiler on the market at the moment, the Ideal Vogue Combi 32kW starting at £1,087 Inc VAT. This has a 10 Year warranty and is just over £1000 for a 32kW gas boiler that will give you 13.1 litres per minute in flow rate. This combination boiler (combi boiler) is also small at 740mm high x 445mm wide x 330mm deep. It is smothered in diagnostics and is actually a really nice looking boiler. Other models in the Ideal boiler range are great too.

Ideal boilers also have a cracking Installers reward scheme and a really loyal following once you get on their Installer Connect. There is also piece of mind in the fact that the boilers are made in the UK and they have their own heating engineers that number well over 200. This is good news for your next boiler installation if it is an Ideal Logic boiler.

Here at Mr Central Heating we always back a winner because that is what our customers want and gives us the opportunity to save you money on your central heating system with cost-effective deals. It also enables us to offer our legendary heating packs with boilers and radiators to get you the best value deal in the market without compromising quality. This makes the Ideal Logic boilers some of our top picks for best buy.

So don't take our word for it, don't just go for Worcester Bosch range of boilers because its a name you know, try one of the high quality Ideal boilers today and save not only money but installation time, call outs and call backs and get a cracking, dependable appliance in the offering as well.

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