FlushKING Complete Repair Pack 3 - Cable Flush - Fix Bottom Fill

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FlushKINGs complete cistern repair pack 3 is ideal to repair or refurbish an old lever WC cistern with a top flush cistern cover or inside a furniture unit where the push button is on the counter front. The fill valve included in the pack will suit cisterns that can accommodate a fixed 8" high fill valve, whilst the flexi mount dual flush valve allows for full or half flush.

The pack contains:
  • 1 x FK-BE1 bottom entry fixed height (8") fill valve

  • 1 x FK-DF-C flexi mount flush valve

  • 1 x FK-K cistern re-fixing kit

  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

Fill valve minimum operating pressure - 0.2bar, maximum operating pressure - 5.5bar

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