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1. Guide to Reducing Winter Heating Costs

Where does your heat leak during the winter? How can you select the right heating system?  With winter being the most expensive time for heating, find out how you can reduce your heating costs. For example, is your boiler among the 95% of 800,000 of home units that have no manual or programmable controls? This guide aims to provide up-to-date information and practical tips to help you reduce your winter heating costs. Read our guide to reducing winter heating costs.

2. The Essential Guide to Home Heating

How much heat do you need, how can you improve your insulation, what is a boiler efficiency rating. Get answers to this and more via our guide to home heating. It provides home heating tips and information about energy grants along with how you can get the most value from your heating. Read more about our essential guide to home heating.

3. Home Energy Efficiency Assessment

How does one determine their home heating and hot water needs, along with info on how improve it. Find out this and more via our online guide and make the right decision about the type and size of boiler and heating system you need in turn saving significant money over time. Read more about home energy efficiency assessments.

4. Hot Water Household Safety Guide

This guide provides household tips, along with practical and useful information to help keep children and seniors safe when using or in contact with hot water sources in the home, preventing injuries involving hot water scalding and burns. Read more about our hot water household safety guide.

5. Guide to Sustainable Low-Carbon Home Heating

This resource discusses renewable heating options as well as energy grants and financial support to help you buy and install an energy efficient home heating system. How can you reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills?  find out more with this guide from Mr Central Heating. read more about guide to sustainable low-carbon home heating.

6. Boiler Systems

From combi boilers to condensing boilers, conventional boilers to system boilers, find out what the different types of boilers are and how boilers work from this guide to all boiler systems, as well as recommended boilers from Mr. Central Heating.

7. Energy Saving Tips

Find out how to reduce your household energy bills, and also in turn help the environment but using less energy and resources with our guide to saving money on your energy bills. Look at our home improvement ideas and tips on how to save energy, water and more.

8.Radiators & Valves

Learn how radiators and radiator valves work, know the difference between a lockshield valve and thermostatic radiator valve. Here we look at all the main types of valves, how they work with radiators, and help find the right one for you. Find out more here.

9. Hot Water Cylinders

There are different types of Hot Water Cylinders and this guide explains how each one of them works, as well as help you find the right type of Hot Water Cylinder for your central heating system, such as direct or indirect cyliners, along with our recommendations for each.

10. Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boilers are a manufacturer of high quality central heating boilers, cylinders, controls and other central heating accessories. View details about all the boilers, controls, heating accessories and products we have here at Mr Central Heating.

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