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How-To Guides

With nearly 60 years in the business, we’ like to think we know a thing or two about central heating. We have put all of that experience together to create some great guides to help you save money and energy, maintain systemsand upgrade when the time comes.
Guide to Reducing Winter Heating Costs.

Where does your heat leak during the winter? How can you select the right heating system? With winter being the most expensive time for heating, find out how you can reduce your heating costs.

The Essential Guide to Home Heating.

How much heat do you need? How can you improve your insulation? What is a boiler efficiency rating? Get answers to this and more via our guide to home heating.

Home Energy Efficiency Assessment.

How does one determine their home heating and hot water needs, along with info on how improve it? Find out this and more via our Guide to Home Heating and make the right decision about the type and size of boiler and heating system you need in turn saving significant money over time.

Hot Water Household Safety Guide.

This guide provides household tips, along with practical and useful information to help keep children and seniors safe when using or in contact with hot water sources in the home, preventing injuries involving hot water scalding and burns.

Guide to Sustainable Low-Carbon Home Heating.

This resource discusses renewable heating options as well as energy grants and financial support to help you buy and install an energy efficient home heating system. How can you reduce your carbon footprint and lower your energy bills? Find out more with this guide from Mr Central Heating.

Guide to Boiler Systems.

When it comes to understanding your central heating system, and the type of boiler found within that system all the different types of jargon can get quickly get confusing. This is especially the case when the same boiler type can have different names to describe the same thing.

Energy Saving Tips for the Home.

Nobody likes to spend money unless they have to, but when it comes to the energy usage in the home you might be surprised to find out how much money is wasted, and in many cases without even realizing it. The good news is that there are lots of different ways you can save money on your energy bills.

Understanding Radiators and Radiator Valves.

When it comes to radiators and valves, on the surface they may look quite complicated but when you get down to it, they are quite straight forward devices and are easy to understand once you are familiar with the terminology.

Hot Water Cylinder Guide.

When it comes to hot water cylinder there is a lot of jargon and technical terms involved that can be quite confusing for those not proficient in the terminology.

Overview of Ideal Boilers Central Heating Products.

Ideal Boilers are a manufacturer of high quality central heating boilers, cylinders, controls and other central heating accessories.