Sentinel X800 Jetflo Powerflush 1 Litre

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Sentinel X800 1 litre Jetflo Powerflush 1 is a heavy duty cleaning formulation for boiler heat exchangers, radiators and pipework in domestic central heating systems. It uses TripleTech Power Clean Technology: a unique formula that penetrates and attacks system scale and corrosion debris; dissolves into a 'ready to flush' solution; leaves a long-lasting anti-corrosion surface protection.

  • Powerful removal of all major foulants and debris

  • For all systems old or new, hot or cold

  • Compatible with all commonly encountered metals and alloys, including aluminium

  • Most effective with a powerflushing machine such as Sentinel's Jetflush

  • Highly active cleaning agent

  • Non toxic, non hazardous and biodegradable
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