What is BoilerBox?

The BoilerBox is a unique concept that allows a convenient, clean and safe way to not only remove the unwanted boiler from the property but also allows for an organised collection to be booked and the boiler recycled responsibly. This will maximise all the materials to be fully recycled so saving the earths limited resources and reducing carbon. Booking the collection could not be more simple!

Purchase a new boiler from Mr Central Heating with a BoilerBox, and once the new boiler is installed the old one can be safely placed into the box without any mess and stored until the collection. The collection is booked through your local store and collected through our network of dedicated vehicles that are throughout the UK everyday of the week.

How it works?

Google Nest Hub Max and Google Nest Cam Outdoor.

Purchase the BoilerBox
with your new boiler.

Google Nest Hub Max and Google Nest Cam Outdoor.

Once installed,
book in collection.
Call local store

Google Nest Hub Max and Google Nest Cam Outdoor.

We collect and recycle
your boiler responsibly.

Need to book a collection?

Call your local store to book collection. Please have your BoilerBox serial number, order number and postcode ready as we will require these details to book in your collection.


What’s so good about BoilerBox?

The BoilerBox is collapsable so really convenient to store until you are ready to put the old boiler into it. It is extremely robust and has handles and a security seal for the lid which allows the old boiler to be safely removed from a sensitive are without any mess or risk to the engineers.

*The BoilerBox is designed to accommodate the boiler with any accessories or fittings connected to the old boiler. This could be the flue or valves. You cannot put general rubbish in the box and this will be chargeable if the material is deemed to be excessive and outside of the boiler replacement work. We will also accept central heating pumps, external boiler controls, copper pipework, fittings and metal valves.