The Potterton Titanium Range of Boilers

Learn more about our legendary boilers including the Potterton Titanium range including savings of up to £53.

Potterton boilers are manufactured in the UK and use tried and tested technology to produce high quality, reliable boilers. Every boiler is extensively tested before it leaves the production line. If it doesn't get 100%, it doesn't pass. So if you're looking for a cost effective new boiler then you can't go wrong with Potterton technology.

The Potterton Titanium boiler range is currently in our Legends collection, for its trustworthy and dependable credentials. The range comes with both heat only and combination boiler option, giving you choice dependent on the central heating system in your home. The Potterton Titanium Heat is an ideal replacement for a Netaheat, Profile or Suprima as well as other manufacturers like the Glow-worm Ultimate and Baxi Solo.

The Potterton Titanium combi boilers start from as little as £714 inc. VAT and come in 24kW, 28kW, 33kW and 40kW outputs. They all come with a generous 7-year warranty for peace of mind, which you can register here. Make sure you read all the terms within the warranty, as there can be some stipulations. Find out more from Mr Central Heating’s boiler warranty blog. The combination boiler has a great proven performance for baths, showers and taps meaning you'll never be without instant hot water. With a good efficiency rating it also delivers high energy efficiency to lower your fuel bills, which is always a bonus. Intuitive heating controls make it easy to regulate heating and hot water separately.

Similarly the Titanium heat only also comes with a great 7-year warranty, protecting you against expensive repairs. Heat only (conventional, open vent or regular) boilers are designed to power your central heating and domestic hot water in conjunction with a separate hot water storage cylinder. If you’re also looking to upgrade your storage cylinder, we’d recommend the range from Everflo. Much like the Titanium boilers, the everflo cylinders are reliable, affordable and hard working for your home. They’re compatible with a range of boilers and would work perfectly with these Pottertons. These boilers also come in a much larger range of 12kW to 30kW, so you’re sure to find one suitable for the size of your home – and wallet.

Visit our website if you’re interested in finding out more about the Titanium heat only and combination boilers and to see if there are any special offers on. We love them at Mr Central Heating and we think you will too.

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