How to get the right boiler warranties.

Here at Mr Central Heating, we understand that boiler warranties are important to our customers. What sort of boiler warranties the boilers have that they buy from us?  Are you going to be covered after  they have been installed?

Unfortunately it is not very clear as boiler manufacturers have reacted to market conditions and now offer varying warranties on different models. Each manufacturer has developed schemes to loyal installers and retail facing offers on warranty to grab a headline. No matter what you have, from a combi boiler to a traditional gas boiler on your central heating system the manufacturer's warranty is an important element. If your boiler breaks down and you need to have a boiler repair carried out you should check with your local installer to see if the boiler guarantee covers any work carried out. Even the best boilers break down occasionally, so ensuring you understand the warranty is important, as this can save you a lot of money.

In this article Mr Central Heating will try and explain the best practices to make sure you end up with the warranty you want and are not confused by marketing offers.  We also have an infographic that explains key factors overall.

The first thing to make sure after you have purchased a boiler is that you register the boiler with the manufacturer. This is a constant issue if there is ever an in warranty claim. If the manufacturer knows where and when the boiler was installed then it really helps to smooth the process of getting a service engineer out to fix the issue.

Do not rely on your plumber to register the boiler, check after about a month with the manufacturer to see whether you are registered on their system.

It is however, important that your plumber registers the warranty, in the way that will meet all of the manufacturers requirements to achieve the longest available warranty for that model of boiler.

When the boiler is installed it should be done by a Gas Safe registered installer who will follow a code of practice acceptable to the manufacturer of the boiler. This means the system should be cleaned out and chemically protected and a filter fitted to provide constant maintenance on the system. This validates your warranty and ensures that if the boiler goes wrong in the first year you are covered.

All boilers come with a standard 1 year warranty and this can be extended or as in most cases in today’s marketplace they often come with extended warranties of 2 years to a 10 year warranty. These are all great but often add cost to the boiler and are only available if the boiler is serviced every year. So it is important to call out an engineer each year to carry out an annual service. Keep your service history with the boiler in a safe place and be ready to quote the serial number of the boiler and service history if you have a problem.

7 Year Boiler WarrantiesWith extended warranties there is often caveats and reward schemes for loyal installers will offer extended warranties on boilers the often have only a 2 year warranty. So for instance a 2 year warranty Baxi Duotec 24KW now comes with a 7 year warranty when installed by a Baxi Registered installer.

It is is generally free to join any scheme from an installers point of view and it is good for the consumer and manufacturer as they then have confidence that the appliance will be installed using good practice. So loyalty to brands is rewarded but be careful on price as some leading brands like Worcester Bosch are very expensive and not great value you for money. When you can purchase a Ideal Vogue 40KW combination boiler for £600 cheaper than a comparable Worcester with a 10YR peace of mind warranty it is not all in the headline.

So in short the best way to understand boiler warranties is to speak to Mr Central Heating and we will give you independent advice.

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