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Overview on Ideal Boilers Central Heating Products

Ideal Boilers are a manufacturer of high quality central heating boilers, cylinders, controls and other central heating accessories.

Ideal Boilers have a very long history in the central heating market and was founded back in 1906. This means as a central heating manufacturer they have been in business for over 100 years. Ideal boilers supply a full range of different boiler type for central heating systems including heat only boilers, Ideal combi boilers and Ideal system boilers. The first boiler that Ideal Boilers released was called the ‘Cookanheat’ and this was released in the 1920s. Today Ideal Boilers are still in the business of providing new boilers to homes. Some of the latest product models from their latest boiler range include:

Ideal Logic Max

This is a great boiler that is available as a combi-boiler, system boiler and there is also a Logic Max Heat, which as the name suggests is a heat only boiler.

Logic + Combi

This is a dedicated combi boiler.

Ideal Vogue Max & the Ideal Vogue Gen2

Both are similar in terms of build and are premium boilers. The main difference between these two models is that the Ideal Vogue Max also comes with a system filter.

In addition, Ideal's range of boilers are designed with energy efficiency in mind for energy savings on your house household bills. These boilers can also have up to 10-year warranty for parts and labour.

Take a look at the range of Ideal Boilers we currently stock at Mr Central Heating.

Ideal Boilers also supply other products for your central heating system including water cylinders, heating controls and accessories. These include:

Ideal Pro Range of stainless steel hot water cylinders with a capacity up to 300 litres. These cylinders are available as both vented or unvented making them suitable for most central heating system that require a hot water cylinder. Different models are available depending on your storage requirements and your cold-water source. If you're upgrading from a previous cylinder these make a good choice.

Learn more about water storage solutions and hot water cylinders from Ideal Boilers.

Ideal Heating Controls

Ideal heating controls are available in both a mechanical and digital configuration depending on your own personal preferences.

Ideal System Filters

These system filters are magnetic filters that have been designed to help with your boiler's operation. The goal of an Ideal system filter is to help remove metal particles from the system water that passes through your boiler. The good news is that these Ideal system filters are compatible with all the latest Ideal boilers.

Ideal Weather Compensation Kit

The Ideal Weather Compensation Kit is a clever piece of technology works by measuring the outside temperature and adjusting the flow of hot water to the radiators inside depending on temperature spikes. This device also helps with efficiency.

If you're looking for a new boiler for your home, such as for a replacement installation then the Ideal Boilers range is one to explore. With their high efficiency technologies and good reliability these make a good choice if you're in the marketplace for a new boiler.

If you're looking to get a boiler installed then you should always use a gas safe engineer to do the work. The work that heating engineers carry is not only technically difficult in most cases it is a legal requirement to use one.