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Several Potterton boiler models, now discontinued, are still performing in many UK homes. Heatmax HE Boilers were designed for easy installation and earned a SEDBUK A rating. On the other hand, If you still have a Powermax HE boiler in your home call Baxi right away. A Safety Alert was issued for models manufactured between 2001 and November 18 2005 because they may release carbon monoxide (CO) above normal operational levels. On a happier note, Potterton’s A rated Promax SL Heat Only boiler remains efficient and fits in a kitchen cupboard. For large homes with a high demand for hot water, the Potterton Promax System boiler -- now discontinued -- was a good choice. Compatible with the Potterton Solar and Megaflo Eco solar cylinder this boiler provides solar thermal hot water.

Mr. Central Heating has the next generation of Potterton boiler systems to upgrade or replace that discontinued model in your home. The full range of Potterton Gold condensing combi boiler, clock, and flue kits received Which? Magazine’s “Best Buy” recommendation for 2 consecutive years for their efficiency, durability, and ease of use. Prices start under £750. Potterton’s conventional boiler only models start below £530 and high output models for large homes below £1,500. Potterton Gold condensing system boilers begin at £600. This is a perfect time to take advantage of great prices on a new or replacement boiler. With assistance from the experts at Mr. Central Heating you’ll make the best choice to meet your domestic heat and hot water requirements.

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