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Home Energy Efficiency Assessment

This assessment is the most important step in determining your home heating and hot water needs, both as it exists and what you may need to do to improve it.

With this information, you can make a good decision about the type and size of boiler and heating system you need. An assessment will also reveal any problems that, when corrected, will save significant money over time. Our interactive online tool will show you how to conduct an online energy audit to help you reach and maintain both lower energy bills and a comfortable home. This tool is designed to guide your choice among cost-effective upgrades and home improvements based upon the information you submit.

Calculating Home Energy Usage

Mr Central Heating's indispensible BTU Calculator is an easy way to determine how large a heating system you require. Follow the form to calculate the BTU (energy) requirement of your rooms and we'll help you select the best products to meet your home heating needs. Be sure to consider how many people live in your home and at what time of day the most heating and hot water are required.

The Next Step

With boiler efficiency ratings and BTU requirements in hand, you’re ready to choose a replacement boiler, heating system or simply the insulation techniques suited to your home. We have dedicated professionals who can help you make the best product and installation choices.